The last week has featured steady north winds, snow, heavy snow, blowing snow, snow flurries, and light snow. Needless to say it has felt more like a November day then anything approaching spring.wcfield15reSnow41 Brockway215Brockway15

It does seem that we may have turned a corner as I haven’t seen snow in a couple days now. The winds remain north though and the hawk numbers are showing that, with bits and pieces of a flight slowly sputtering through on a semi daily basis. Everything is just a south wind away from really cutting loose, but until that happens Brockway is a scenic view that I find slightly less interesting each day the north wind blows.
YRWA15GOEAxx15 GOEAxx15-2 RLHAdm15-2 GOEAxx15-3 BAEAxx15 BWHA215 GOEAxx15-4 GOEAxx15-5GOEAxx15-6YBSA15

Off the mountain I found a Ross’s Goose in Eagle Harbor the 22nd, it was present through the 25th and represents the 2nd record for Keweenaw County. ROGO15-2

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