April has arrived! And with it a decrease in snow and an increase in birds!

The 2nd featured the biggest flight of the spring thus far, with ninty-five raptors including 55 Bald Eagles, 25 Red-tailed Hawks, and 2 Northern Goshawks (including the adult pictured below). Other raptors recorded in the last week include Golden Eagle, Rough-legged Hawk, Northern Harrier, Red-shouldered Hawk, Merlin, and Sharp-shinned Hawk.

While not a raptor Northern Shrikes are still a predator, and one has made several appearances at the count site this week.

Other recent arrivals to the far north of Michigan include Mallard, Sandhill Crane, Ring-billed Gull, Killdeer, American Robin, Song Sparrow, and Dark-eyed Junco. Lingering species include Bohemian Waxwing, Common Redpoll, and Pine Grosbeak.

Also worth noting was this tourist Wild Turkey that walked up to the shack and looked at me before wandering around the count site and then heading east down the road.

Locally snow levels have dropped, with exposed areas being predominantly snow free. However in the valleys and sheltered areas 5-6ft drifts are holding on.

Note that the drive up Brockway is closed to auto traffic through the end of April.