Count Update

Update from the count, thank you Bob! Continual and sporadic internet outages delay updates occasionally 😆
Northern Goshawk Photo: Tim Baerwald
The snowmobile season is over, the road is closed. It is the quiet season on the mountain. The snow squalls over the lake have been beautiful and cloud watching enjoyable. Not a lot of raptors yet and a fair amount of snow and lately wind have caused 6 no count days and 2 days with less than 2 hours watching. The biggest count day was April 2 with 35 birds including 11 Red-tailed Hawks and the first Northern Harrier of the season. Next week is predicted to be warmer and the migration at Brockway will pick up. Snow Buntings have become more numerous and both waxwings show up, and the raven pair are nesting.
Because of internet problems I could not get this to Karen so she could post it. Well today, April 7, is the high count day with 82 birds and nice variety. It was a mild north wind day and the raptors came. A cumulus cloud backdrop helped with picking the high birds up. 3 Golden Eagles, 1 Northern Goshawk, 48 Bald Eagles, 1 Red-shouldered, 28 Red-tailed and 1 Rough-legged. Migration is in the air.