Count Update

Update from the count, thank you Bob!
Rough-legged Hawk Photo: Vic Berardi
The warmer weather kicked in on the 9th with a high of 64 F, the 14th had a high of 75 F and the warmth started fading on the 15th which was 58 F at 9 A.M. and dropped to 41 by 2 P.M. A lot of snow melted in that heat wave. The 14th was a great hawk watching day with the south wind pushing the birds to the shoreline and they then came fairly low between Brockway and the next ridge south. The first Osprey and Broad-winged arrived and Sharp-shinned Hawks had their first big day. A day of great variety, but it was a Rough-legged Hawk day with 306. For some perspective, the season average is 212, the season max was 385 in 2013 and the previous single day high was 141.

The near-term weather will be a lot cooler and wetter and with mostly north winds. Sunday and Monday were rained and snowed out. The fun will come back. Joe Youngman was kind to give me days off in March and the first half of April.