Mid May

The biggest flight of this season happened on the 7th with over 1,300 raptors migrating east along the Brockway ridge. The bulk of the flight was made up by over 460 Sharp-shinned Hawks (the second highest Sharpie total ever for the count!) and over 630 Broad-winged Hawks, at times a dozen Sharpies and Broad-winged’s were zipping past a few feet a way to the left and right! Mixed in were nice counts of 17 Northern Harriers, 26 Rough-legged Hawks, and 16 Peregine Falcons.  Also notable was a young western Red-tailed Hawk (photo below), a banded Bald Eagle (photo below), and 8  Am. White Pelicans.  Due to the strong SE winds that day all the birds were low, with many at or below eye level and coming straight at you giving the classic “Brockway view”.

Since the 7th things have been slow, with poor winds the 8th -10th, and rain/snow the 11th-12th. The 13th had a light flight with under a hundred birds for the day, but after not seeing much of anything the previous days even that was enjoyable!

It looks like south winds are in the forecast, so as long as its not raining there should be some hawks moving.

In town the Eurasian Collared-Dove has not been relocated and very few new migrants have arrived due to the poor weather, but its May and a night of southwinds can easily change that!



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Don’t forget that this Saturday is the Copper Harbor Bird Festival, come on out and enjoy some interesting talks and walks (and maybe bring your favorite hawk counter a donut or pasty)!

Saturday, May 16th
1:00 pm ~ Live Raptor Program with Northwoods Wildlife Center
This is a fun program for the whole family. You will meet a few of their resident birds up close and personal. The program is about 1 hour.
Held at the Grant Township Community Hall adjacent to the Copper Harbor Welcome Center. Suggested donation $5.00 per person – kids free!

2:30 pm ~ At this time there are 2 options
Take a ride up Brockway to meet the counter for The Brockway Mountain Hawk Watch and see some birds!
Take a guided bird and wildflower walk. There will be 2 parts to the walk, both ending back at the hall, so you can choose how far you wish to go. (weather permitting)

5:00 pm ~ Local Count Updates with Joe Youngman
This presentation will feature an update to the long running Manitou Island Bird Survey as well as the newest water bird study on done last fall from Hebard Park near Copper Harbor. Along with new data and interesting findings, Joe will share many beautiful images of the islands.

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