South Winds

After ten days of easterly winds, occasional flurries, and a lackluster flight south winds finally arrived and with it came the first flight of the season with 22 Bald Eagles, 4 Golden Eagles, 1 Northern Goshawk, and the first Red-tailed Hawks of the spring!



Other birds around the mountain lately include a Northern Shrike seen intermittently working the ridge line since the start of the season, a few Bohemian Waxwings, redpolls, siskins, and a Snow Bunting. In town the resident Northern Cardinals are singing along with the first Red-winged Blackbirds of the spring (which arrived the 24th). American Robins and American Tree Sparrow arrived earlier in the week. Finches have had a lackluster showing thus far, although while walking town today in the ran/snow I did run into a redpoll/siskin flock that had a single Hoary Redpoll.


Snow on the mountain is slowly melting, with the west bluff now 70% snow free. The road still has plenty of snow though, so don’t plan on driving up just yet.




The highlight of the season for me happened while driving up 41 last week when a Fisher crossed the road in front of me and then proceeded to hunt along the shoulder of the road!






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