10,000 and the end of the Season

June dragged to a finish and added just over 900 new birds to the season total. This is the first time less then 1,500 birds have been recorded in June since 2010, for prospective 2013 had over 7,000 birds!

While low, the 900 were enough to push the season total over 10,000. While this is the third lowest total in the history of the count, breaking 10,000 is always good for the counter’s sanity. For a more thorough breakdown of this spring checkout the (soon to be finished ) report that will posted sometime in the next few weeks.

The last day of the season featured a mid afternoon thunderstorm that led to some interesting fog and cloud formations and some brief but heavy rain.

At the start of the month the Raven young spent the first hour of the count loafing and catching bugs in front of the shack, giving some of the most intimate views I’ve ever had. They’ve since expanded their flying skills and their range and now are seen anywhere in a couple mile radius of the west overlook.

In the miscellaneous category we have this Barred Owl that flushed off the road one rainy morning, and an adult Black-bellied Plover that spent a couple days in Cat Habor. A few late migrants in town included a male Northern Cardinal, Northern Mockingbird, and House Wren.

That’s a wrap folks, enjoy the summer!