Once in a lifetime offer

The local breeding raven pair’s young have fledged. The hawk count is winding down with June birds hard to come by. To celebrate the end we have a special offer. For a modest donation guests can take a tour of the Shack. Explore its nooks and crannies and decide where you would place your coffee mug (where would the pros put this precious liquid). Take a spin on the comfy swivel chair. Close the door and pretend it’s March and the only thing keeping you alive is the Shack. Then put up Tim Baerwald’s custom crafted netting to cover the door opening and see how that oh so thin barrier can save you pints of blood while you are in the Shack and the black flies are not. A trained, trusted volunteer will vigorously shake the Shack so you can experience high wind induced dancing vision in 3D. You will not be allowed to spin in the chair while the Shack is being shaken for liability reasons. If Brockway was Disneyland this would be a Z ride. Offer expires June 15. And maybe you will see a few raptors.