Some new arrivals despite continuing wintry weather.

Good morning,

Since my last posting, the weather has continued to be less than cooperative with several days missed because of inclement conditions on the mountain. However, several species have been added to the new arrivals in that time, including Red-shouldered and Cooper’s Hawks. Most noticeable is that Red-tails have picked up, if modestly, so that has been a plus in recent days. Perhaps surprisingly, we are still looking for our first Northern Harrier of the season. Golden Eagles continue to be seen pretty much daily, a perk of the early part of the season, even when the weather is bad.

Other arrivals recently have been Sandhill Crane and Short-eared Owl. Short-ears will quite often be seen migrating during the day and I’ve even seen them use thermals like other raptors, soaring high on the rising air. The one I had yesterday was just doing its stiff-winged flap alternated with long glides as it made its way eastward over Rocky Ridge. Arrivals the last week here in Copper Harbor have been Robin and Eastern Phoebe.


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