End of April

April felt slow. Typically the last half of the month gets some south winds which brings in the Broad-winged’s, this year that didn’t happen.

I didn’t fully realize how slow this April was until I looked at the data…and that about sums April up.

On the couple days that had south winds raptors were moving!

A few photos from those days are below.

The migration outside of raptors has also been slow. An Eastern Meadowlark spent a couple days near the shack bringing a welcome splash of color to the mountain. Few things show how April felt better than the Eastern Phoebe below, which was my first of the spring and arrived during a two day snowstorm.

Deer have more prevalent than I remember from past years. Several have walked up to the shack, clearly unprepared for hunting season.

Fingers crossed May brings south winds, if not…well, the road up the mountain will be open so there is that.