Two Big Days

While the April weather thus far hasn’t been great for raptor migration, April 5 and 9 were outstanding and definite highlights of the spring.

Highlights of the 5th included 7 Red-shouldered Hawks, 6 Northern Goshawks, 2 Golden Eagles, 96 Red-tailed Hawks, and 84 Rough-legged Hawks (only three shy of a new day high for the hawk count and 22 higher than the entire spring total for last year!)

After the 84 RLHA on the 5th I wasn’t expecting another day like that for the rest of the spring.

But then came the 9th.

The morning started hot with 22 Roughies in the first hour and 44 in the third! In the early afternoon precipitation had moved in to the south slowing the flight. But the Roughies kept coming and by the time the count ended for the day 120 Rough-legged Hawks had migrated east along the ridge in one of the best days in the history of hawkwatching on Brockway Mountain (note the all time highcount is 226 on April 17, 1976) .

Also notable on the 9th include 1 Osprey, 39 Bald Eagle, 23 Northern Harrier, 53 Sharp-shinned, 2 Northern Goshawk, 64 Red-tailed Hawk (two dark morph!), and 3 Golden Eagles.

Below are an assortment of photos from both of those days (its RLHA heavy).